Purchase Order and Supply Terms and Conditions:

  1. International sales: All prices are in US Dollars, without VAT, according to the Proforma Invoice (“PI”).
  2. Domestic sales: Payment in ILS according to the USD-ILS exchange rate at the invoice date. VAT added.
  3. Payment Terms: T/T in advance, bank wire, or PayPal/Credit Card (2.5% fee added).
  4. The products are sold “as is” without traceability to the factory, without CoC or any other documentation, and without any prior testing (unless otherwise stated).
  5. Warranty: Warranty for functional, conformance and authenticity is valid for a period of 60 daysfrom supply. Claims of shortages or visual issues must be reported within 5 days from supply and with visual evidences. The warranty will expire immediately in case the customer has made any modification to the products (Hardware, Software, Firmware or any other modifications).The warranty is limited to this period and to the value of the products supplied in the PI. Any claim regarding the products, functionality, fit, form, authenticity, conformance, originality or any other issue – must be reported to GreenTree within the warranty period only. The expiration of the warranty period is Finite. No claims of malfunction, conformance, authentication, or any other issue, will be raised after the warranty period expires.
  6. In a claim of malfunction, conformance, authentication, or any other issue related to the of the products stated in the PI and reported to GreenTree within the warranty period,: (a) the customer will provide to GreenTree a Test Report from an independent certified laboratory with evidence and details of the reported issue. (b) If the RMA is approved by GreenTree, the customer will return to GreenTree all of the products as stated in this PI in the exact condition, unused in its original package as supplied by GreenTree. (c) GreenTree will replace the products with the same P/N, or refund the customer in the amount of the return products only, according to GreenTree discretion. To remove any doubt, it is clear and agreed that a refund is limited and will not exceed, in any circumstances, the total amount in the PI.
  7. GreenTree do not take any type or form of liability to any damage or loss to the customer, its products, facilities, employees, information, costs of reassembly, reputation, 3rdparty loss or damages, or else, of any kind and form, and will not compensate for any loss that was caused by using the products, within the warranty period or after its expiration. In any case and any circumstances, the warranty is limited to the period and value of products supplied by GreenTree and stated in the PI and will not exceed this amount and period of time. The customer and the supplier hereby agree that this is a fundamental part of the agreement between them.
  8. The customer waives any right to offset, to delay, postpone, cancel or deduct any due payments to GreenTree. The customer agrees that each order, supply, invoice and due payment stand on their own merit. In any claim of malfunction, authentication, conformance, RMA procedure, or any other circumstances, the customer agrees to pay all other pending invoices and due payments on time, without any delay, offset or reduction. Delayed payments will carry interest of 1% per month.
  9. The terms of order and supply are only according to GreenTree's terms and conditions as stated here and supersede any other terms and conditions, including but not only verbal, written, emails, PO, or others. By accepting to receive the products, and specifically by using the products supplied by GreenTree, the customer fully accepts GreenTree T&C as stated here AS IS.
  10. Cancellation of orders: All orders are non-cancellable. (NCNR)
  11. Delivery of orders: Orders will be shipped out in 5 business days after receiving of payment.
  12. Shipment of orders: orders are shipped with customer’s courier account (DHL/FEDEX/UPS). Incoterms: Ex-Works.
  13. Privacy: GreenTree Electronics will not pass any customer’s information to a third party.