Storing and Packaging



All of our stock is stored in an antistatic / anti moisture vacuum sealed foil packages.


Prior to shipping an order, parts pass QC and then resealed in vacuum.


Moisture absorption (silica gel bags) and Humidity indicator cards are placed within the package.



Proper packaging


Proper Packaging is crucial in order to protect and prevent damages to sensitive electronic components:


  1. Electrostatics - Integrated circuits are electrostatics sensitive devices and must be stored properly in an antistatic foil packaging.
  2. Moisture inside the package can damage the component and lead to corrosion in any of its metallic part, its’ contacts (BGA, leads, pins) and die.
  3. Dirt, particlesor loose contamination can damagethe electronic components’ body and contacts.
  4. Transportation – Vacuum package put in a proper larger package and box will protect the electronic components during long distance land and air transportation.



                                       Vacuum Packaging at GreenTree Electronics












Moisture Sensitivity Levels (MSL):


The table below describes the maximum time and conditions that the components can be stored orinspected without vacuum packaging and moisture absorbers (“floor life”).


The MSL level (1 to 6) is specifically defined in the manufacturer’s datasheet for each electronic component.






Our Quality Inspection:


Microscopy Inspection

Electrical Measurement

Marking Permanency

Dimensions Measurement

Compliance to Order and Datasheet

Storing and Packaging