Engineering consult

FPGA & CPLD: Engineering consult and stock sale

GreenTree Electronics provides free engineering consult in order to assist our customers choose the most suitable programmable device to his application.


Our engineers assisting our customers by taking under consideration the Cost,

Power consumption, Footprint, I/O’s, integrated blocks, Speed and operational temperature grade.




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Engineering Consult at GreenTree Electronics





Our Consulting Services:  

Whole Range Stock

We supply a whole range of Programmable Logic Devices , from low-end CPLD up to high-end FPGA, for various applications including Medical, Communication, Wireless and Mobile, Industrial and Video.


Obsolete in stock

We source and supply Legacy and Obsolete Programmable Logic, specifically per customers’ required P/N or description. We perform in-house QC and lab authentication tests.



In case a specific device is unavailable, we assist the customer and offer available replacements (pin-to-pin compatible), such as faster speed, advanced function, higher temperature grade, RoHS-Leaded, etc. With our engineering knowledge and stock we enable continuation of production with zero re-design efforts.


Upgrade and Screening

Upgrading commercial grade to Industrial grade devices is a unique solution provided by GreenTree Electronics and our partner labs. In case Industrial grade devices are required but only commercial grade are available, we perform a functional test at industrial temperatures and screen the devices that are fully function in industrial temperature range.